• The name of the Cembra Cantina di Montagna cooperative means literally “Cembra Mountain Winery”. • Among the highest producers in Europe: vineyards are located at an elevation of 550 to 850 meters above sea level (1800 - 2800 feet). • A fine wine “branch” of the La-Vis Group and of the 1980s Zoning Project • The cooperative involves 400 members passionately dedicated to heroic grape growing on the hard-to- reach terraces that are typical of the Cembra valley. • 300 hectares (740 acres) of vineyards following La-Vis 1980s Zoning Project philosophy. • All farming by Cembra growers is done by hand in strict compliance with Italy’s Integrated Crop Management National Quality System. • Specific soil composition: the porphyry (the “red gold” of the valley) is responsible for the flavor and persistence typical of Cembra wines. • Wines known for their freshness and vibrancy with floral aromas and rich in fruit flavors. • Alpine climate, extreme temperature ranges, and excellent sun exposure.

The porphyry stone found in the Val di Cembra, one of Italy’s most beautiful and famous alpine river valleys, is used all over the world by top architects, designers, and artists. Its volcanic origins also make it ideal for the cultivation of fine wine grapes.


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