• The St. Pauls cooperative winery is located in the village of St. Pauls (San Paolo), in South Tyrol (Alto Adige). • With roughly 150 grower members, the cooperative covers 175 hectares (435 acres) planted to vine. • An average of one hectare per grower, all the members are family-owned and run farms. • Culture: the Alto Adige region has been part of Austria until the first world war – now, for 65% of the inhabitants German is the mother tongue. • Sustainability: solar panels, non-invasive grape growing technique. • World-famous Pinot Bianco: St. Pauls is the proud owner of what is considered the oldest vineyard in Alto Adige, planted in 1899. • Gravity-based wine-making process. • Mineral soil (Dolomites rocks) and excellent sun exposure. • Alpine climate that favors the growth of traditional and international grape varieties, all characterized by a specific freshness and high acidity.

St. Pauls cooperative is named after the village where it is located, in picturesque South Tyrol. That’s because nearly everyone in the town is involved in some way with the winery, whether as a grower or worker. You’ll find the other villagers at the winery’s wine bar enjoying a glass!


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