• Its name means “red gold,” a reference to the famous porphyry quarries that dot the Cembra Valley in Trentino-Alto Adige. • Oro Rosso is a line of classic method Trento DOC wines produced by the Cembra Cantina di Montagna (Cembra Mountain Winery) cooperative. • Trento DOC is a strong denomination that distinguishes the best “mountain sparkling wines”. • Remarkable vineyard elevation: 500 – 600 meters above sea level (1640 - 1960 feet). • The altitude of the vineyards contributes to the acidity of the grapes; the fluctuation in temperature is a key factor for the wines’ overall quality and elegant bouquet. • Ideal volcanic soils for growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, used to produce persistent and mineral classic method sparkling wine. • Historical Traditional Method production area where bottle fermentation results in elegant aromas, well- defined full body and dense perlage.

For their Oro Rosso line of classic method sparkling wines, the growers in the Cembra Cantina di Montagna cooperative still use pergola training for the grapes. The old style of training, they’ve discovered, is ideal in the alps where the pergola helps to protect the fruit from extreme weather.


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