• Producer of elegant and well-balanced Gavi, organic certified since 2019, representing the perfect expression of the indigenous Cortese grape • The 5,000 plants per hectare are being farmed according to biological methods which demands a cultivation without fertilizers and chemical synthesis. • Boutique winery, total production of 5000 cases. • 5 hectares (13 acres) of vineyards, organically certified that extend across an amphitheater vineyard with southwest exposure — one of the most coveted crus in the Gavi appellation. • Climate: this hilly area of Southern Piemonte, close to the Ligurian border, benefits from the mild Mediterranean Sea influence which preserves the freshness and natural aromas and flavors of the grapes during vinification. • Soil: rich in clay and limestone.

The Ottosoldi farm is one of the top growing sites in the Gavi appellation. Just a small five-hectare parcel, this southern- facing amphitheater produces wines known for their authenticity and quality.


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