• Birra Dolomiti traces its roots back to one of Italy’s most historic breweries located at the foot of the Dolomiti Alps in the northeast of Veneto. • There is a longstanding tradition of brewing in that part of the country that stretches back to the age of the Habsburg Empire. • Austrian brewers recognized early on that alpine Italy had a superb supply of mountain spring water, the best for making pilsner-style beer. • They also discovered that the local variety of wild hops there was ideal for producing richly flavored beer. • The use of superb ingredients and a formidable local and sustainable supply chain are the pride of this brand. • Water: superior quality of the Dolomiti mountain water, characterized by the right balance of mineral salts dissolved in it. • Local hops, a plant that has historically been growing spontaneously in this part of Italy. • Local barley cultivated by a cooperative which collaborates directly with the brewery. • Pure yeasts accurately selected by the brewmaster Gianni Pasa. • Birra Dolomiti is one of the favorite brand among Italians and Europeans alike.

The water used to make Birra Dolomiti is sourced from the Dolomiti Alps in northeastern Italy, a UNESCO heritage site and one of Italy’s most famous spots for hiking and skiing. The mountain spring water is a key element in crafting the quality of this world-famous beer.

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