• Founded in the second half of the 1970s, La Kiuva (lah kee- OO-vah) is a cooperative winery with 50 grower members located in the beautiful small village of Arnad, right at the heart of the Alps. • Members were encouraged to take over old, abandoned vineyards in the best areas in order to produce authentic and sustainable wines. • 15 hectares (37 acres) of vines all hand-picked. • La Kiuva is committed to giving value to the terroir and the indigenous grape variety as Picotendro, the local clone of Nebbiolo • The Alpine climate, with wide temperature variations between day and night, increases the acidity and freshness of the grapes • Cultivation method: Guyot and Pergola, on sandy glacier- crafted terraces • Soil: sandy and alkaline

In the Aosta Valley where La Kiuva grows grapes and makes wine, Nebbiolo is known as Picotendro, from the French Picot Tendre. Nebbiolo from this part of Italy, where French is spoken, is often more delicate and more perfumed than its Piedmontese counterpart.


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