• One of Italy’s most iconic growers of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, a pioneer of international varieties in the Veneto region. • An “outlier”: One of the only producers of world-class red wines in the land of Prosecco, the sparkling white. • A solo township where partners Francesco Serafini and Antonio Vidotto grew up and make their wines, is renowned for its pebbly riverbed soils, ideal for long-lived Bordeaux-style blends. • Although not certified, the estate has used organic practices in the vineyards for decades. • The idea behind the winery is to make the wines “as natural as possible,” with minimal intervention, so that they are the pursest expression of the terroir. • Grower of Recantina, a grape once thought lost to the ages and now being made only in small quantities by lovers of traditional-style Veneto wines like Serafini and Vidotto. • The name of the estate’s Rosso dell’Abazia, one of the pair’s most recognizable and highly sought-after wines, is written with just one “b” (not the regular two). The word abbazia means abbey in Italian. The slopes are located close to the historical abbey.

A certified “Biodiversity Friend” estate where sustainable practices like composting, smart water management, and minimal intervention in the vineyards reduce the winery’s carbon footprint and make for vibrant wines with depth and nuance. Nearly all vineyard work is done by hand. And the winemaking is as “natural as possible.”


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