• Nicolis family winery, founded in 1951, lies in the Valpolicella Classico area. • Tradition and family: three generations of winemakers working together to produce a high-quality collection of traditional bold red wines from Valpolicella. • 42 hectares (104 acres) of vineyards. • One of the few producers still using all four traditional grape varietals: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara and Croatina, the rarest. • Although not organic certified, the winery employs organic farming practices - no herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides are used. • Valpolicella has a privileged climate, thanks to its southern exposure and the protection it receives from the nearby Lessini mountains. • The Nicolis family is the proud owner of some of the best Crus in the Valpolicella area. • Elevation between 200 and 480 meters above sea level (650 – 1600 feet). • Soil composition: morainic and calcareous, rich in stones.

Although not organic certified, the family at the Nicolis estate and winery uses no herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides in its vineyards. And it uses only native yeasts and spontaneous fermentation in the cellar, helping it produce what many Valpolicella lovers consider the appellation’s purest expressions.


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