• Founded in 1974 by the Moretti Polegato Family, it is located in the heart of Marca Trevigiana Area, in the Veneto region. • La Gioiosa represents the tradition of winemaking which the Moretti Polegato family has been carrying out for generations. • The name pays tribute to the old definition of the province of Treviso, “Marca gioiosa et amorosa” (“Joyous and Amorous March” in latin) underlining the sociable lifestyle of its inhabitants. • The grape used to produce Prosecco is Glera, a typical variety of the north east of Italy since the Roman age • Substantial vineyards holdings as well as long-standing relationships with wine growers in the region • TOP 5 Prosecco Brand in 2018 (IWSR September 2019 Harper’s mag). • The winery is also a leader in the production of environmentally friendly wines, and it strives to limit its carbon footprint by using alternative energy sources, including hydroelectric power generated by the nearby Piave river. • La Gioiosa is certified “Biodiversity Friend” by the WBA (World Biodiversity Association) • All of its wines are produced by immediately chilling the grape must to nearly freezing as soon as the bunches are picked ensuring freshness and high quality of the juice through the year. • The wines are available in more than 90 countries worldwide. • The winery sources grapes from all the subzones of the Prosecco appellation: Treviso, Asolo, Valdobbiadene, and Friuli, ensuring an all-round taste experience of the Prosecco terroirs.

La Gioiosa winery in Valdobbiadene follows strict biodiversity guidelines established by the World Biodiversity Association. Known as “biodiversity friend” protocols, they help to encourage insect and animal life in the vineyards, thus bolstering the vitality of the soils and the vines.


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